So I finally get to start this excuses this time.I abandoned it last year cos of some little stuff but I hope things will be different this time around.

So this is my own little space to share all the things I love and hopefully set a good platform for myself and everyone who is willing to support me on this journey..

So guys u are ALL WELCOME and i hope you will stick around cos this is a happy place,my own happy place. I really hope you guys will be nice enough to drop your comments and really encourage me. I have started afresh and I have so much plans for this blog that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy and I wont disappoint. I'll be showing you guys lotsa stuff like makeup tutorials,my daily outfits,trends i love,my little write-ups and I'll get to feature all my fashionable readers and followers that wish to be featured....

OH!a little about me...Am Ede Nkechinyere,past being a teenager,student,a lover of fashion,music,writing and really good at DIYs....

                                 'nuff said.....for now :)