PINK and RED.....School

HELLO guys....been a small while. Hope all my readers are great... Well a lot has been going on with me recently, hence the small absence but I intend to fill you guys in later. I have lots of posts lined up but school keeps holding me back. BTW the sun in my school isn't normal one bit. Students are walking around with their umbrellas and very dark shades all in a bid to escape the scorching sun. The dry season or harmattan (for my fellow Nigerians) is supposed to be here but no way...However if you do not apply your lip balm regularly, chances are that you'll end up with cracked lips... 

Now to my outfit,i paired this red sleeveless top with this pink skirt I recently made, a black bag which I got from my uncle and these vans my brother gave me and I loved how it turned out. Wore this to school with very nude makeup and my blue braids. Hope you guys like. 

Oh!a big thank you to those that comment and bother to read my blog, the page view is realling encouraging....Thanks a million....

PS: Forgive my dusty sneaks...blame the weather and my school too

Outfit Details
Top- Thrifted 
Skirt- Tailored (by yours truly)
Bag- Gifted (0ld too)
Sneakers- Gifted

Thanks For Visiting My Blog....xoxo