HAPPY NEW YEAR people of the world

I hate that the holiday is over, they should have given we students an extra month because I am so not ready to start school. Not like my school cares what I think because lectures have started and I had no choice but to drag my ass to school. Wait, I do have a choice. I can choose not to go to school anymore and regret it in years to a good choice at all.

So I hope you guys are good and the week has been what everyone expected. I can't say the same for myself because classes are extra serious because our exams will be coming up next month...smh... It is well. On the plus side, results are coming out and a girl be doing great as always *big grin* and I owe it all to God. He has got my back always.

I believe I have talked about the weather in my school. The harmattan is not loyal at all. It's so harsh to the skin and no matter the thickness of the sweater or blazer I wear, it still doesn't stop the weather. I suppose I should just dig a hole in the ground and stay there till the weather gets

Now to my outfit, I absolutely love this dress. Everything about it. The color, the details and the way it hugs my body, giving me curves I never knew I had...hehe
I was gifted this dress by someone very very dear to me and I wore it on Christmas day. I never got to show you guys because I couldn't take pictures and when I eventually did, laziness got the best of me hence the late post.
I love that this dress is versatile and can be worn in different ways and to different places... church,dinner,wedding,office..... I didn't want to steal any attention from the dress so I went nude on complimenting the dress.I wore a blazer because of the crazy weather. I absolutely love this shoe and would you guys believe it's thrifted?? It's amazing the kind of beautiful things you can get when you thrift at the right places. I am not a fan of necklaces so I didn't bother. Am not a fan of bags either but I needed to do justice to this dress. Notice my makeup too? all nude 

This is my favorite part. I want to thank all my amazing readers especially those that bother to comment, I appreciate them all.
Time for school....OH!I am loving my new hair 

Dress- Asos (Gifted)
Blazer- Thrifted 
Shoes- Thrifted
Bag- Got it from @laxandracollections