BLOGGING,just dress up and take pictures and then upload right?can't be that hard. 
A lot of people think that's how it goes,I used to think that too till I had to start my own blog. That's when I found out it's not as easy as it seems. There are a lot of struggles and sacrifices to make to keep a blog going and successful. Remember,Rome wasn't built in a day.If there is no passion then a blog is bound to fail. I have to think of locations for a shoot,someone to help take my pictures and also make out time for it. You would think posing for a picture is easy. Wait till you have to take several shots just to find out only few of the pictures actually look good enough to upload. 
Don't even get me started on people's attitude towards having a blog.Some people said I had too much time or that I was jobless. Others would say I just want to show off and the rest will just laugh and tell me am wasting my time. And there are those "friends" who only criticise you and talk behind your back. Negativity, I just won't let it get to me. If you surround yourself with positive people,people who want to see you do good and encourage you then you are bound to excel.

Some days ago at the bus park on my way to school, a girl walked up to me and told me she reads my blog and that I should keep it up. Words could not describe the joy I felt.The knowledge that someone I don't even know could appreciate my effort made my day.Words are very powerful,a kind or encouraging word goes a long way so let's be careful how we use them.

Now to my outfit,am such a lover of colours.I loveeee colourful clothes a lot though black and white still have my heart.The love I have for skirts can't be described. I would choose them over pants and dresses any day,anytime.Flare skirt,pencil,skater,hi-low...whatever type of skirt I am always ready to fall in love. 
I got this orange material and I knew I wanted to make a skirt with it.It was sold out even before I could let people know it was available.And the shirt,the colours on it and the material called to me and I so I made a shirt with it. 
I paired this outfit with these gorgeous breckelle's sandals I bought from my favourite shoe store and I was good to go. 



On another note,my blog will be a year soon. I don't care how many posts I have managed to upload but I plan on doing a giveaway just to appreciate all you lovely people that check out this little space of mine.I haven't decided on what to give out but I still have some time to think about it.

Thank you guys for reading my blog and for commenting,it brings a smile to my beautiful face...hehe...appreciate

Skirt- Get it HERE 
Shirt- HERE 
Sandals- Breckelle's Get this @La_Xandra collections  

BTW am loving Sarkodie's Adonai and Joey B's Tonga....killer songs