YES!!!to another blog post.

HELLO my beautiful readers and happy new month... I do hope everyone is having a great weekend. Mine is going ok,nothing special but I thank God for the gift of life...
Am really enjoying blogging guys, I get to meet a lot of wonderful people. It may be weird to some people but I am a very shy person so thanks to blogging I am slowly coming out of my shell.

What are your plans for February??I don't think I have any except to blog more often,take care of my business and study harder. Exams are coming up next month so I have to study hard...HARDER!!!

So to my outfit
I love everything about this look. You can't go wrong with pastels or leopard print me...I paired this lovely skirt with a white shirt,a leopard cluth and my nude stud shoes and I was good to go...Very appropriate for church.

TIP* the most important rule of pastels is to never overdo it. You want to keep the "calmness" of it. You don't want to go all crazy with shoes and makeup and the rest as it steals away the look. I will do a post soon on how you can wear pastel...

Anywayssssss, I still have assignments piled up so yeah,this is a quick post...

Thank you guys for all the amazing support...I love you all for that

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BTW am still thinking of what to giveaway as my blog clocks one year.. suggestions are welcome.
If you have questions please send me an email or leave it in the comment section below... Stay blessed.

SHIRT- My sister's closet
SKIRT- TheJKcollection Get it HERE 
SHOES- Thrifted
CLUTCH- La-Xandra's Collection