HELLO again my amazing people.

So am bringing in something new to the blog...not everyday fashion post right?lol
So I decided to add this segment to my blog.It'll be up on Wednesdays and it's basically to share my opinions on random matters...and I would love to read your opinions too in the comment section so feel free to share and to get your friends to read and comment too.

So for the first talk I decided to bring up something we are are all familiar with:LOVE and it's "definition". You will understand why this is in quote as you read on.

A few days ago,a friend of mine argued that there shouldn't be a reason to love someone.In his words "When you truly love someone,you can't explain it and google didn't state that you need to have a reason to love someone"
First,I never knew google had the answers to everything...smh
He went further to tell me to "go to google and type the meaning of love"I actually did and if you are reading this,it wouldn't hurt to check it out too.

I clearly didn't agree with him.You see,love is too vast a topic.One SHOULD NOT stereotype it and say it has to be a particular way.People just don't get it.We all can't join society in labeling things a certain way because the majority says so.Social network has framed people"s thoughts and believe to "what society thinks"
A lot of people say this same thing when asked if they love the person they are with:I can't explain it,I just do"Fine.But to argue that it should be the way loving someone is defined is all sorts of wrong.
My bestfriend wrote: 

"love is you can't get someone out of your mind
love is when you're so pissed off at someone,but you can't help the tingly feeling
that special spot
love is when you are happy being sad about someone
love is sacrifice
willingness to let go of the whole world just to see the one you love happy
love is selfless
love is understanding
love is beautiful
being in love has no's endless
it grows afresh everyday"

Poetic???I thought so too.
In my opinion,to love is to be happy. A lot of people are in hurtful relationships because they fail to "define" love.They fail to understand what it means to share every part of you,body and soul;to trust someone with your secrets.To open up and let go.

R.H Sin said:"Stop painting over the pain he's caused.Stop remodeling and rebuilding the parts that have been destroyed.You continue to change the locks but you then give him the new key.It's time to move.It's time to relocate..You deserve a new home"

Sadly,it's easier said than done.One has to accept that it hurts to let go but it's better to let go than to be in constant pain.Build yourself...heal.
Are you in love or just settling?
Believe me,settling is way worse.Don't stay because you feel you have put so much in the relationship or because people think you are a perfect couple or because he's always ready to apologise when he wrongs.Take a walk and lock that part of your life.Always remember that you deserve better.Be with someone you can wake up to each morning with a smile on your face and praises to God for giving you such happiness.

Are you with him because he is always available to give you mind blowing sex,spend on you,take you to vacations,buy you the latest gadgets or because he thinks you are "sexy" or "hot"?Whatever happened to being beautiful?There is so much sexy and hot and pretty and cute but not enough beautiful.Beautiful being your character,your attitude,drive,vision,goals etc not the latest fashion trends.
What happens when you"re no longer sexy?or when you add a few pounds and stretch marks after having his kids or when he can't give you the material things you want or the mind blowing sex?...I'll leave you to answer that.

A lot of girls are more interested in their "dream" wedding than marriage.They are more concerned about the pictures they will post on Instagram,facebook etc and the honeymoon forgetting they took a vow to spend their loves with their spouse.And we wonder why sexual promiscuity is so common these days.

According to Paul in 1Cor13vs3:
"I may give away everything I have and even give up my whole body to be burnt,but if I have no love,this does me no good"
This goes to show that "self love" is important.You have to be able to love yourself wholly to be able to love another.You can't "love" someone and still cheat or hit her.To love is to always think good of that person and constantly think of how your actions might affect that person.

He went further to say from verse 4:
love is patient and kind,it's not jealous or conceited or proud.
love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable.
love does not keep a record of wrongs(this is very important to note)
love is not happy with evil but is happy with the truth
NEVER gives up(not applicable to domestic violence and constant cheating)
and it's faith,hope and patience never fail.
love is eternal

So before you go ahead to sound clich with "I can't explain it" Ensure that the words of Paul are always in your heart..that way you define your love clearly.There has never been a more clearer and simpler definition than my opinion.

"To love is to be happy
and being happy is being alive"

Don't forget to share your thoughts people...
appreciate all the love