Who else is excited for the weekend???I know I am
 So today I decided to do a little thing about makeup...If you guys notice,it's obvious am a huge makeup fan and you can tell from my posts.

When I started this blog,I had plans of doing makeup tutorials but never got to do it.However,I am taking it one step at a time.

Most people ask what products I use most times especially on my facebook...I don't always spend that much on makeup products because am a student and believe strongly in saving.
The things I can spend most on are usually my powder and foundation and concealer... I have a few high end lipsticks but because I know some of us cannot afford it for now I decided to show some of the lipsticks I use that are super affordable but still look amazing.

You don't have to rob a bank to look good guys...You really don't


This stuff here is Amazingggggg!!!!! like it's super matte and the color payoff is just incredible. The packaging too is great.This is just a knock off of the MAC lipstick.This particular one is Fushia..super bright pink.The downside to this lipstick is that it flakes.It can't last an hour without cracking the lips.It works well when combined with another lipstick applied on top or a good lip gloss.Aside that it's a really good lipstick...and the best part is that this bad boy here cost me ONLY read that right.
It also comes in different colors like the MAC products.

Unlike the classic Nicki Minaj,the Miss Rose doesn't flake.However it requires about 3-4 applications to get the deep purple to really pop.The picture doesn't do much justice to the shade of purple of this lipstick but I wore it in my post HERE and HERE.I love this lipstick and it does a whole lot of awesomeness to an outfit...Takes a simple look to another level
Costs just N500

When I got this,I thought it was matte...was really disappointed to find out it's not.Am not really a fan of this but I don't mind it much.It just doesn't make me feel great when I wear it...who else feels that way about a particular product or outfit or footwear or whatever...someone????
Costs N500

OK am sure we all know this ain't the original MAC but guys this lipstick is awesomeeeeeee!!! like it lasts all day...perfectly matte and sexy with lip gloss.It's a mixture f burgundy color and deep purple.I just love everything about it.Got this in school for N500.Practically snatched it off a friend's hand before she could

I  have had this for about a year now...It's my go to lippie for a peachy ombre lip.This is a really good creamy lipstick and it sure has a great smell that makes me feel like licking it
I got this for N1500

 Last but not least is this ever-lasting lipstain.It's a really great chocolate color and great for days when you you want to feel like Anne Hathaway's boss in The Devil Wears
It's matte but kinda feels a little heavy and sticky so be sure not to smack your lips or even purse them together when wearing this.
I got this for just N300

PS:This post is for every lover of makeup.Just to tell you that it doesn't always have to be expensive to look good.However if you can afford the high end products every time please go on.As a student I can only afford to buy them slowly but I do own a few high end products especially powders and foundation but because am not so much a lipstick person,I only spend much on them once in a while.

Hope this post has been helpful to someone and please share your thoughts...they mean a lot to me..Also remember that I will be changing my blog address to and am super excited about it.

If you guys will like to see more reviews or a makeup tutorial do let me know and I will get right to it....God bless for all the love and support.