Am back to being consistent again...does that sound weird? seeing that I can't really be linked with consistent...lol

Anywaizzz,this post is long overdue but procrastination is just having fun with me but this morning I said no...I must put this up.
So this is just to shed a little light on who Enkay is because it seems my gorgeous readers have little or no idea about who I am but that will end today.So here's 20 random facts about me....

1.  My full name is Ede Nkechinyere..I have a weird middle name so I DO NOT use it..like at all.My mother calls me Nkechi,my siblings and secondary school mates call me Kech and the rest of the world calls me Enkay...

2.  Am a 21 year old 300 level Food Science and Technology student of Enugu State University of Science and Technology.(Am still wondering why I didn't just study Engineering instead of codedly doing it in another course...smh)

3.  I come from a large family..5 girls and 3 handsome guys..the girls came first and am the last girl
4.  I talk a lot..like no dull moment with me.You'll have a good time laughing...yeah am that funny but the talking only happens with people am comfortable with and that's a really short list.
5.  I am a very emotional person although I never show it..(my friends will laugh at this but it's true)
6.  I DO NOT like phone calls...mahn just send me a text.Unless you actually have something to  say besides asking how am doing

7.  I DO NOT drink cold water (since 2007) even if it stays a minute in the freezer,I wont take it.Makes me want to throw up...weird much :D

8.   I trust too much and I forgive easily....flaw???

9.   I am extremely shy and I suck at addressing people especially a crowd.I'll just melt.And that's weird for someone that talks. 

10.  I am goal driven.Once I set my mind on something,I go all the way until I succeed in it.I  don't easily give up. 

11.  I am a bag of talents(not to brag...lol)...I sew(as you can see from my outfits on the blog),I am a makeup artist(will show some of works soon),I draw (amateur for now),I dance,I sing,I write,I make bags and clutches,feels like am bragging here...lol.PS:I taught myself all these things

12.  I love shoes.I keep telling myself I'll stop but I end up buying more.smh

13.  I enjoy reading novels and am a super fast reader(Sydney Sheldon and Jeffery Archer fan....please take romance novels far away from me)

14.  I get high on loud music.I can dance non-stop as long as the music is loud.I show all my razzness.PS:all these dancing happens in the privacy of my room or when am with close friends.

15.  I eat a lot.Am just lucky it doesn't show.My friends say I eat on code..lol.One minute there's food in front of me,the next it's gone.

16.   I DO NOT wear red lipstick...the tomato and pepper red thing...no way.I can do burgundy though.Everyone keeps saying it'll look good on me but nahhhhhh!!!!I feel my lips are big enough and don't need all that attention(but I love them...I love them big..hehe)

17.  I am exceedingly mean when I want to be.The last thing you want to do is insult me.I am  not about turning a deaf ear please.These days people enjoy putting other people down with harsh words...smh Please just take that sh*t somewhere else

18.  I have very few friends and I don't joke with them

19.  I DO NOT joke with my sunglasses...currently loving the one my four letter word got me...too dope

20.  FINALLY...I do not joke with my God.My Friday nights are spent in the church for night vigil.Singing and dancing and clapping all night.It's a fun exercise.With the way the world is going now,we all need prayers.I am not saying am perfect but I try.

Please let me know a random fact about about you in the comment section,let me get to know you guys...I love you all.BTW..how on fleek is my makeup :D