Missed me???well I missed you guys.I hate having to do this and I don't want you guys to think am doing it on purpose but am really sorry for my absence.The reason is quite simple;I just wanted to get my domain first before putting up another post but that's not fair to you guys.
However,God willing I will be getting it sooooooooooooon...hehe

I hate to say this but this is actually a quick post because am feeling very sleepy and I have class tomorrow so I won't do much typing but I promise to bring you guys up to date with the latest in my life in my next post.

Don't forget to send me an email at datdamnchic@gmail.com to order all your beautiful outfits


The hair am wearing in this picture is a wig and was made by yours truly so feel free to send me an email if you are interested in getting one.
 Let me also use this opportunity to let you guys know of all the jaw dropping posts coming up soon.Also I am doing a collaboration with an awesome blogger that I really admire her style... Keep checking the blog to find out who...but just know it's coming up this week and I am super excited about it.
 BTW....big shoutout to Kimberly for stopping to say hi and being so nice when she met me.It feels my heart with great joy to be appreciated like that...to know that someone out there is inspired and thinks am doing a great job.
Have a swell night guys and God bless you all for the support.