How are you all doing??feels like forever since I last updated my blog.My network has been a total mess and school hasn't helped either.

Have you subscribed to my channel yet??would really appreciate if you guys do so as I would be posting a video very soon.So please subscribe HERE and also tell your friends to do so..please????

Am going to be putting up really interesting posts soon...I have been holding back because I wanted to get my own domain first before putting up the new stuffs but that hasn't been working out so well.Not going to give up though but until then,I'll post as much as I can.Please do stick around and encourage me every step of the way.

As for my outfit,I am obsessed with it.I have been loving mint a lot since last year and when I thought about making this gown,I had no doubt about the color I wanted to use.The sequin top was all the drama and perfection I needed to bring this look together.I added the hair accessory to give it a more classy look.It's super appropriate for a dinner wear or wedding and for turning heads at a Christmas party.

It can be paired with silver sandals for a more classy look.
You can send me an email if you are interested in getting the dress.It's available in black,white,blue,mint and red.

I hope you all will be sticking around and also tell your friends about the cool blog you visited...hehe.
Let me know your thoughts on the outfit and of course,on the blog too...hoping to hear from you all.
You can check out my previous posts HERE and HERE where I rocked mint.

I would like to point out that a girl took my pictures this time around.How badass is she???
You can check her out on Instagram @THEONLYRIYA she's super good guys..too dope!


Thank you all once more for visiting my blog and also for all the lovely comments.God bless....I appreciate