HELLO my darlings!

Hope you all are good and I trust you all had a swell weekend.
Mine was pretty fun and am here to share with you guys.
I went for a swell wedding on Saturday with my four letter word.Guys,the wedding was lit!!!! the two MCs were comedians.They made me laugh so much that I had tears streaming down from my was that good.

On Sunday,my friend ADA (I featured her HERE) convinced me to go for the makeup beauty connect series and I am so glad that I went with her.It was quite insightful.I will be putting up a post on that soon with pictures.I really had a great time and met some amazing people.
How was your own weekend?let me know in the comment section.

Enough ranting.This was the dress I wore to the wedding and I felt all kinds of beautiful in it.You know those kind of dresses that make you feel you're on a runway..that's what this gorgeous dress made me feel like.hehe.

I know most of you already think the neck piece is attached to the dress,but no.It is just a neck accessory I got from the market a while ago and OMG guys,it's really great.I like how it makes a simple outfit go from 10-1000 real quick.I super love it and am glad I got it.I wore a black court shoe with this dress for these pictures and a gold one for the wedding.You can also do sandals if you want but I chose the shoe because it was more comfortable.Fashion is not always pain.

Okay guys,it's Monday morning and I have to be in school ASAP because I have a quiz to write.I just needed to put up this post because am rarely free these days with exams being so close.A girl has to some love and subscribe to my youtube channel HERE

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Thank you all once more for always visiting and commenting and I pray God will bless you all soon.Have an amazing week people.