Hello guys!!!

First off,I want to apologise for my absence.I had to study for my exams and I am really sorry I didn't inform you guys before taking a break.It feels good to be back.

Hope you all are doing great.I would have put up this post a week ago but my network has been terrible.I finally found network tonight.

This is actually going to be a short post so please bear with me.I will also be announcing the giveaway winner in my next post so do stick around.

I took these pictures a while back.I love the lace details in the dress so I just played it simple and went with my white sandals to give it that monochrome effect.

How would you rock this dress? let me know your thoughts.

Thanks so much for sticking around guys..I see my page views and it feels good to know some of you still visit.Once again,I am sorry for my disappearance.

God bless you all..kisses...En_kay