Hello my loves.I hope you all are good.I am and I thank God immensely for that.
There's really not much to say today as I feel so disconnected from you guys and most especially,this little page of mine.I am currently listening to Simi's Love Don't Care and I must confess,it's helping me write this post tonight.

I have honestly lost the zeal to blog much and I don't have anything to motivate me to post.It just feels like that hunger went on a break.Don't get me wrong guys,I do love blogging and I am not planning to stop anytime soon,but I just feel there is something missing and I hope to figure it out soon.It could be the stress that's affecting me.I mentioned in my last post HERE that I enrolled in an advanced tailoring class and quite frankly,it's sapping my time a whole lot.So much I don't have any social life at alllll...But I believe the sacrifice will be worth it in the end.
I will be traveling to Aba in Abia state,Nigeria for fabric shopping tomorrow,God's grace so you guys can understand how packed my life is right now.

To top it all off,I have two weddings to plan and some makeup jobs lined up,makeup training for my students,makeup fair and OMG the list is just endless.And school is starting soon.*sigh*God dey

Right now FALZ is all sorts of bad,baddo,baddest in my love music...

I am really thankful for the blog suggestions you guys gave and from my last post HERE,you all can see I really took note of the suggestions.I noticed most of you wanted me to do more makeup related posts,so I am going to do that soon.

MY outfit is basically a dress that has a zipper in front and at the back too.I made this a while ago and it's my go to outfit when I want to look super pretty and still be comfortable.You can rock it both ways,with the slit either at the back or in front.Having the slit in front is my favourite way of wearing it though.I paired it with my cute pink and black court shoes,a peach (I think)coloured bag and my hand made wig,and of course my ever loyal SEKONDA wristwatch.


I really hope to get my blog mojo back and if anyone has tips,I would really appreciate if you let me know in the comment section.
Thanks to all of you that shared my posts and commented .God bless you all so much.
Have an amazing night rest and enjoy the rest of your week.

OH...Bankulize by Mr Eazi is a ears never get tired of that song.


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