This is the kinda shoot you get to have when you have an awesome photographer as a friend.

Hey there my loves..Happy Wednesday.Hope you all are well.
Abeg I am drooling over these pictures.
So my friend Michael was in town about a month ago and wanted us to have a shoot.I can't say no to free photography na;especially when I know the photographer is a god at what he does.hehe

So he said he wanted me to wear something yellow or red and I honestly didn't have the strength to look for clothes to wear,so I decided to rock this gown I wore for my matriculation three years ago.I paired it with my red court shoes and that was all.
Did I forget to mention that I did my crochet myself???yes loves,I did so don't judge how rough the front

 I went minimal on my makeup as I didn't want anything to take away the attention I wanted this outfit to get.I didn't even wear lashes.I just didn't want to look like a drag

This shoot was really fun and it rekindled my love for blogging.I mentioned in this post HERE that I wasn't feeling blogging anymore but that is about to end.If you follow me on snapchat @THE_ENKAY,then you must have seen he behind the scenes of this shoot.It was really fun.

 Sadly,this my photographer friend stays in Abuja so  if you are in Abuja and need some badass shots or even anywhere in Nigeria,anywhere in the world too then hit him up ASAP.The guy is goooood.You can check him out on Instagram @MIKKYMICH.
Chai!!!but why can't I look like this everyday na *sadface* issorai

 I have a packed weekend and it promises to be fun by God's grace.I love you all and please I will reply my comments soon.I have just been so busy as I mentioned in this post HERE so bear with me.Love you all so much.Make God bless una for me well well.
BTW,I am currently listening to Tekno's that jam.


God bless you all once more...


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