Hey there my loves.
Hope you are all amazingly good.I am and I thank God for that.I am back home with the fam and it's been fun amazing catching up with my siblings especially my brothers (ndi Nkem forever)sorry if you don't understand Igbo..lol

I attended the house of Tara Gold collection sometime last month with a very dear friend of mine (Chiamaka) and I must admit it was nice to take a break from my very busy and super packed life.As I type this,I am lying on my bed,starving and waiting for the food to be ready while my mum is sending me on different errands even though it's not been up to an hour since I got back from my advanced tailoring class.SMH,The blogger life.

Anyways,the launch wasn't as packed as I thought it would be and that meant more chops for me.Yes I am a foodie as you can see from the pictures.lol

The collection for me wasn't that new as the only difference I noticed was that they changed their packaging.Quite frankly,I have never been a fan of Tara products (except for their Kwasee Doo lip liner and their eyeshadow..all of them)so I had no plans of buying anything.
I have super sensitive skin and once had a major breakout from using their oil free foundation..that cost me 5k btw.And to top it all,their powder and foundation always leaves my face oily soooo...
 That being said,their products are still good but it just doesn't work for me.

You can see the collection below

For me,it was just a really nice opportunity to network,which is super necessary.

As for my outfit to the event,I wore my white sleeveless dress previously styled HERE and a cute sandals I got as a birthday gift which I sadly can't show off because there is no full picture of me.I also wore this wig which I made myself and I was good to go.I didn't want a busy face so I just went super minimal on my makeup.


I really enjoyed putting up this post even though I have waist pains from excessive standing in my tailoring class and hours of working on a machine.I am glad you guys suggested this and I hope to share new things on the blog from time to time so stick around for that.

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Big shoutout to @DOBZIFINGERS for the pictures and for getting every moment of me with the chops..lol

Have an amazing night my loves and I am still accepting suggestions on what you guys would like to see more of.

God bless you all


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